Welcome to the home of Colorado Computer Consultants.  We are a technology consulting company located in Colorado.  We provide computer, networking, VOIP, VPN and Cloud consulting services to people and companies under 25 employees.

Let us help you sort through the technology to find a cost effective, secure and reliable solution for you and your company.

We utilize Linux (CentOS and Ubuntu), Windows 7/10 and Macintosh in our consulting solutions. Including: FreePBX/Asterisk (phone systems), OpenVPN (secure remote access) and cloud services.  We also use and recommend Open/DD-WRT/Tomato Router hardware/PfSense/software and OpenVPN software for fast, affordable and secure networking.

Whether it is integrating iPads/iPhones into your network, securely checking email from the coffee shop or making encrypted phone calls while on travel, let us setup fast, safe, secure and reliable networks so that you don’t need to worry about compromising your data.  We can also setup your systems to automatically backup to local or secure-cloud-based storage solutions.

Call or email today to schedule your free initial consultation.